The Njoy electronic cigarette is one of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes out there. In this Njoy electronic cigarette review, you will learn about the things that made this particular brand the choice of so many people.

What Is In The Package

For this review you will learn about the Njoy Express starter kit, which is their rechargeable model; you can also try out their very popular Njoy Kings disposable electronic cigarettes if you want. In the Express kit, you will get one lithium ion battery (which is considerably longer than that of other brands), one tobacco or menthol flavored cartridge, a USB charger for the battery, and the user manual. These items may seem sparse as compared to other e-cigarette kits, but Njoy is considerably more affordable than most of the other brands.


- The Njoy Express kits are very cheap at just over $20 per kit. Unlike other electronic cigarettes out there that costs from $50 to more than $100, the Njoy electronic cigarette makes it easier for people who just want to try using an e-cigarette for the first time.

- Even though the Njoy is priced lower than most of the competition, it has a longer battery meaning that you can use it for a much longer period of time without the need for charging.

- Vapor production is also very good in the Njoy. You get a nice hit on the back of your throat every time you take a drag, and the amount of vapor it produces is comparable to that of a real cigarette, but without the nasty smell and health risks.

- The great thing about the Njoy electronic cigarette is that you can buy it in most supermarkets and convenience stores. Even though most convenience stores do not carry the Express kits, you can most likely find the Njoy Kings disposable electronic cigarettes.


There are really nothing bad to say about the Njoy electronic cigarette; for its price it actually delivers more than what most people would expect. But there is one thing that some people would like in the Njoy, and that is more flavor options because as of now they only come in traditional tobacco and menthol flavors, unlike other brands that carry dozens of them.


All in all, you cannot help but love the Njoy electronic cigarette; it is a cheap (but well-made) e-cigarette that produces generous amounts of vapor and flavor, and it can be found almost anywhere. If you are a first time user, you will not be afraid to try out the Njoy mostly because of its affordable price, so even if you do not like the experience you would not have wasted a lot of your money.

Hopefully this Njoy electronic cigarette review was helpful in giving you the all the information that you were looking for regarding this popular brand, and maybe this has even convinced you to give e-cigarettes a try.

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