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V2 Cigs and its Packaging

While performing our V2 Cigs review, one of the many things that you will instantly notice from V2 is its nice packaging. It is nicely and tidily presented through its box which has a magnetic flab that works in effectively fitting everything. It also features a foam insert which is around to keep the battery in place. Removing this foam insert allows you to see the cartridges and chargers that come along with the box. The overall presentation and packaging of this popular brand of e-cigarette was efficiently and professionally done, making it easily noticeable.

The Flavor and the Vapor

Among the most popular flavors of V2 are vanilla, coffee, peppermint, cola, menthol, chocolate, tobacco, Sahara and Congress that comes with medium strength. It produces an impressive vapor which is one of the major reasons why users of this e-cigarette continues to get satisfied with it. It comes with an incredibly smooth draw while also offering a nice throat hit with the good combination of its flavors.

The custom cartridges that are said to be one of the best services of this brand are also beneficial in the sense that they help in customizing the cartridges so that they fit your preferred taste. This allows you to pick your desired nicotine strength, cart color and flavor. What makes this service even more remarkable is that your choices for customization are not only limited to the flavors that you can find in a list. You actually get the chance to pick any flavor that you want and replicate it through the custom cartridges.

Power and Performance

Another thing that you will immediately notice about V2 Cigs is its increased power. This e-cigarette is a good choice because it prevents you from using an extremely weak one which makes it hard for you to get just the right amount of vapor while creating a stronger throat hit. The 4.2V battery offered by V2 Cigs works by providing the right amount of power to let the atomizer perform its functions faster and better.

The Starter Kits

V2 Cigs offer numerous starter kits so you will never have a difficult time finding your best fit. It offers the economy kit which is considered as the cheapest and is perfect for first-time users of e-cigs. The standard kit is also offered and it comes with 2 chargers, 10 cartridges and your choice between 2 batteries. A traveler kit is also available at V2 and this allows you to enjoy a kit containing 2 chargers, 15 cartridges, your choice between 2 batteries and a portable charging case which lets you charge the electronic cigarettes wherever you are. The starter kits offered by V2 also comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty that make them more enticing to the public.

2 Responses to “V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review”

  1. Clickacig says:

    V2 cigs is one of my favorite e-cigarettes and it was one of the e-cigs that my friends recommended. They produce quite a good amount of vapor and their flavors are quite good too. Also, their batts last quite a good amount of time – What more could you ask for? :)

  2. I have been looking into E-cigs for sometime and reading the reviews. Thank you for the good article. I think I will give the e-cig a try!

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