vapor-couture-electronic-cigarette-reviewVapor Couture E Cigarettes Are The First Of Its Kind

Not all who use electronic cigarettes are men, a good percentage of users are actually women, and it is for them that this Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Review is for. As you can probably tell from the name, Vapor Couture is an e-cigarette that is for the members of the fairer sex, as a man would not even know how to pronounce “couture”. This elegant little electronic cigarette is from V2, a prominent name in the e-cigarette industry, this is their attempt to attract most women. But is the Vapor Couture any good? This is what you are about to find out.

What Comes In the Package

Vapor Couture comes in three packages, there’s the basic Vapor Couture Essentials, which contains two lithium ion batteries (you can choose from Deep Purple, Brushed Platinum, Rose Gold and White Signature), ten flavor cartridges (you can choose from 4 flavors), a mini USB charger and a wall charger. The Vapor Couture Deluxe kit has a trendy clutch bag, and a charm bracelet so you can wear your e-cigarette. And then there is the Vapor Couture Deluxe Sampler, in this package, instead of a bracelet you get a lanyard, and you also a 5-pack of each flavor available.

The Pros

- The brushed metal designs of the batteries are actually quite nice; and the different colors mean that you can pair them with anything.

- V2 is known for their excellent customer service, so if you find any fault with your Vapor Couture e-cigarette, you can have it replaced quite easily.

- The clutch bag that comes with the Deluxe kits are pretty nifty because it keeps your e-cigarette safe and sound, plus they come in three different designs so you can choose your favorite.

- Just like with other e-cigarettes made by V2, vapor production is great in Vapor Couture; you do not need to take such a deep drag on the cigarette just to get a lot of vapor.


- Besides the elegant design, the Vapor Couture is still just a regular e-cigarette, so you should not expect any wonderful new features or advantages over the other brands out there.

- There are just four flavors that you can choose from (with two more coming soon) so if your favorite flavor is not among the available ones, then you will be forced to use a mismatched ordinary looking cartridge with your elegant battery.

- The price is almost twice that of a regular e-cigarette, which throws off most interested buyers immediately. But if you are a fashionista and would like everything you own, including your e-cigarette, to be trendy and fashionable, then you would not mind the price tag.


Though most people would not understand why you would pay extra for the Vapor Couture when you can get the same kind of performance in a regular e-cigarette, it is really just a matter of personal choice. Hopefully this Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Review was able to shed some light regarding this e-cigarette for women, and maybe even convince you to try it out.

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